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The Price Perkins Approach

At Price Perkins, our goal is to help our clients live the one life they have to its fullest potential, while minimizing unnecessary risk.

1. Introduction Meeting

We value your time and want to make our first meeting as comfortable as possible. Getting to know you better and understanding your financial goals is our top priority. There will be no financial decisions made during our first meeting. We want to ensure that Price Perkins is the best fit to help you meet your goals.

Initial Consultation Checklist

2. Investment Plan Meeting

Using information gathered at the Introduction Meeting, we will begin to develop a plan specifically tailored to fit your unique needs. As a team, we will review the plan recommended for potential long-term success. We also discuss how your plan was determined and make sure you fully understand our recommendations.

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3. Mutual Commitment Meeting

The primary goal for this meeting is to ensure that your financial plan is implemented successfully and as stress-free as possible. We will complete the necessary applications and transfer forms with you to initiate the transfer of your investments to our recommended approach. You will then be added to our client data base for constant communication from our staff. 

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4. Regular Progress Meetings

Each year (or as needed) we come back to your goals and see what adjustments, if any, need to be made to the financial plan and discuss items for the coming year. We will review your account(s), adjust recommendations where appropriate, and set an action plan for the coming year. We will be there for you, not just at the beginning of this journey, but along the way. Your interests first, every time. 

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